Harold e Ined Fowler
Via De Magistris, 3
62024 Matelica (MC)

Telefono: 0737-85081

Who are we?

Since 1964 Harold and Enid Fowler have been dedicated to the service of Christ in Italy. Harold was granted a theological degree in New Testament from Ozark Christian College (Joplin, MO), where he taught after graduation. He has served as teacher and preacher in congregations of churches of Christ in the States and in Italy. He has written numerous books and articles, especially in Italian. These latter are available elsewhere on this website.

Harold and Enid have six children, all grown to maturity in Italy. Look at these adults now! And are we proud of everyone of them today! Click on the picture to see it bigger.

Besides her task as a mother, Enid has contributed much to children’s Bible schools where she served both as teacher and organizer of teaching materials.